ANT 2410– Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

College Credit: 3

About The Course

Anthropology is the academic discipline that studies humanity across all space and time. Cultural anthropologists study the distinctive ways people create, negotiate, and make sense of their own social worlds in relation to the worlds of others. Through research in places both far away and near to home, anthropologists examine relations and events that influence and determine social belonging and exclusion, whether based on gender, kinship, religion, language, political economy, or historical constructions of race, ethnicity and citizenship. The scope of cultural anthropology is thus broad.

Studying culture is crucial to understanding our increasingly connected planet, human relationships, and actions. An anthropological perspective is also essential to efforts which aim to resolve the major crises that confront humanity today.

This class provides an introduction to the discipline through a consideration of topics and themes that are not only of vital relevance today but also hold an enduring place in the intellectual tradition of anthropology. The purpose of this class is to increase your familiarity and comfort with concepts of cultural analysis and to show how these notions can increase awareness and understanding of your own and others’ life experiences. In so doing, the course aims to enhance sensitivity to social differences while also underscoring the moral and ethical dimensions entailed by ethnographic research.

Course Goals

  • identify, recognize and recall influential anthropological concepts and concerns
  • demonstrate a comprehension and appreciation of human cultural diversity
  • describe how the contemporary world is interconnected and how it is being transformed
  • through globalization, development, migration, and dynamics of power
  • interpret and analyze ethnographic texts and films
  • practice skills of data collection and analysis
  • discuss ethical issues in ethnographic fieldwork
  • apply key anthropological concepts to everyday life experiences

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Elective
High School Credit: 0.5