Frequently Asked Questions

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Will this affect my college admissions?

Yes. The grade that you receive on your college level classes will go on both your high school and college transcripts and will impact both your high school and college GPAs. You should take our courses seriously and understand that they require your time and attention. Similarly, if you are successful in our rigorous college level courses it will positively impact your GPA and resume.

Does being part of the Online Dual Enrollment program guarantee me admission to the University of Florida as an undergraduate?

No. When you fill out an application for Online Dual Enrollment, you are applying to be a “Non-Degree Seeking Student” for the period of one semester.

You are a UF student for that one semester, but still must apply with the incoming freshman class if you would like to be admitted as an undergraduate student. Online Dual Enrollment is a way for you to take accredited, rigorous college courses from home BEFORE you are admitted as an undergraduate student.

Who is eligible?

Student eligibility requirements:

  • Be enrolled as a Junior or Senior in a high school within one of our participating counties.
  • Maintain a 3.6 unweighted GPA.

Take one of the three following standardized tests:

  • SAT – with a 1100 composite score.
  • ACT – with a 22 composite score.
  • PSAT – 1130 (PSAT 10/NMSQT only).
How do I enroll and get started?

If you have any questions, fill out our contact form and our staff will get in contact with you shortly.

Will I receive high school credit for the courses that I take?

The state of Florida employs a Statewide Course Numbering System that public school districts use to guide how they assign high school equivalency.

In most cases, the individual school district or school decides whether our courses will help you meet your high school graduation requirements.

How many courses can I enroll in each semester?

Students may not take more than 2 UF Online Dual Enrollment courses per semester.

  • NOTE: Students who take UF Online Dual Enrollment courses in addition to a full six-period day at their high school should carefully consider their choice. The Online Dual Enrollment courses are university-level academic work and can be time consuming.
Will these courses look different on my transcript than regular UF courses?

No. You will be taking the same courses that we offer to undergraduate students at the University of Florida. Your transcript will not be denoted “online” or “dual enrollment.”

Will I have to purchase a textbook?

Some of our courses do not require textbooks while others do.

Our office will provide you with instructions on how to order required textbooks each term at no cost. You are welcome to purchase any additional or suggested materials on your own.

Does my state's scholarship/grant/financial aid program work for your Online Dual Enrollment program?

Contact your local school board as each state’s regulations are different. We do not currently offer any scholarships or grants for dual enrollment students.