CHM 1020 – Chemistry for the Liberal Arts

General Education Credit: Physical Science
College Credit: 3

About The Course

CHM 1020 is a terminal chemistry course for non-science students that presents the basic concepts of chemistry and examines the role of chemistry in both consumer products and the environment.

Course Goals

You will be required to analyze scientific concepts and think critically. This means being able to answer both quantitative (mathematical) and conceptual (qualitative) problems in a limited period of time. Additionally, you will have to write and/or orally communicate on discussion assignments, written assignments, and in discussion with your instructor/TA. We will also demonstrate how these topics can be applied to the scientific method and how observation and experimentation lead us to the development of scientific theories.

You will be required to utilize the methods of science as a logical means of problem-solving through critical thinking. This means you must analyze information carefully and logically from multiple perspectives, using discipline-specific methods, and develop reasoned solutions to problems. To ensure your competency in these concepts you will be required to complete quizzes and assignments that require critical thinking, analysis of problems, and drawing conclusions.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Science
High School Credit: 0.5