ECO 2013 – Principles of Macroeconomics

General Education Credit: Social Science
College Credit: 3

About The Course

Principles of Macroeconomics is intended to introduce students to the current understanding and relevant issues of the macroeconomy. We will develop a solid foundation of the microeconomic underpinnings that comprise economic analysis. Within that microeconomic framework, we will examine the effects of government intervention in individual markets and consider both efficiency and distributional effects. We will build a thorough understanding of various elements of the economy, looking closely at GDP, economic growth, unemployment, inflation, and business cycles. We will examine the models used by economists to represent the macroeconomy and use these models to analyze monetary and fiscal policy. Finally, we will study the international financial system and exchange rate fluctuations.

Course Goals

This course aims to familiarize you with macroeconomics in way that informs you as a citizen, developing your ability to think critically and employ economic concepts to understand and describe the society in which we live. It will focus heavily on the distributional implications of different macroeconomic situations and public policies, constantly keeping an eye on how the situations of particular individuals or groups may be affected.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Social Science
High School Credit: 0.5