GLY 1102 – Age of Dinosaurs

General Education Credit: B,P
High School Credit: 0.5

Course Instructor: Paul Ciesielski
Paul Ciesielski, Ph.D.
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About The Course

“Age of Dinosaurs” is a three credit hour course, having under the State of Florida the unique status of giving General Education credit under either Physical Science or Biological Science. The targeted students are non-science majors, although the course is also appropriate for science majors.

Course Goals

  1. To provide an introduction to the geologic sciences through an examination of a unique interval of geologic history: the Mesozoic Era.
  2. To examine the dynamic role of plate tectonics in the movement of continents and the evolution of life.
  3. To explore the geologic processes responsible for modification of the landscape and preservation of the fossil record of life on Earth through time.
  4. To conduct an examination of the life of the Mesozoic, with an emphasis on the prolific record of dinosaurs.
  5. To examine the diverse record of dinosaurs, including, their biology, behavior, and distribution.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Elective