LAS 2001 – Introduction to Latin American Studies

General Education Credit: S (WR)
High School Credit: 0.5

About The Course

This course offers an introduction to Latin America by exploring the history, cultures, and contemporary issues facing this multifaceted region as a whole, as well as individual nations. Part of the course will focus on U.S.-Latin America relations and interactions—both as states and as people. Throughout the semester, we will attend to race, class, and gender as inequalities that are important dimensions for understanding social life and communities.

Course Goals

By participating in this course, you will be challenged to:

  • To provide a broad introduction to Latin America, its peoples, cultures, and customs.
  • To explore and critique the role of ideologies and stereotypes about national subjects.
  • To develop an understanding of hemispheric relations and how the U.S. has influenced and been influenced by Latin America.
  • To further student competence in international and social studies.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Elective