LIT 2000 – Introduction to Literature

General Education Credit: Humanities
College Credit: 3

About The Course

Pre-Requisite: ENC 1101 or AP equivalent

This self-paced, asynchronous, and entirely online course examines the unique and changing role literature has played in individuals’ lives and in society. It is centered on three deceptively simple questions: What is literature? Why do we write literature? And why do we read literature? It introduces students to a range of literary genres, from different countries and historical periods.

Course Goals

Among the primary aims of this course is to help students develop the critical skill of analysis and interpretation. Students will also learn how formal and stylistic elements, as well as historical context, shape the meaning and significance of literature. By becoming more skillful readers of literature and its contexts, students become better readers of the worlds that literature addresses, develop their ability to decipher meaning from language, and better understand their own interactions with science, technology, media, commerce, and politics.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: English
High School Credit: 1.0