MAC 1147 – Precalculus: Algebra and Trigonometry

General Education Credit: Mathematics
College Credit: 4

About The Course

Course content includes college algebra, functions, coordinate geometry, exponential and logarithmic functions, and trigonometry. This fast-paced course is designed as a review of algebra and trigonometry to prepare the student for calculus. It combines two courses (MAC 1140 and MAC 1114) into one.

If you do not want a fast-paced option you can take it over two semesters by taking MAC 1140 Precalculus Algebra and then taking MAC 1114 Trigonometry.

This course is designed for students who intend to take MAC 2311. If your goal is to take MAC 2233 (for business majors), then you should consider talking to your advisor about taking MAC 1140 instead of this course since there is no trigonometry requirement for MAC 2233.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Mathematics
High School Credit: 1.0