MAC 2312 – Analytic Geometry and Calculus II

General Education Credit: Mathematics
College Credit: 4

Course Instructor: Staff
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About The Course

Pre-Requisites: MAC 2311 or MAC 3472 with a minimum grade of C or equivalent AP scores

MAC 2312 - Calculus II, is the 2nd semester in a three-semester calculus sequence. The course begins where MAC 2311 left off at the integration techniques. This is followed by a study of infinite sequences and series, parametric equations, and polar coordinates and closed with applications of definite integrals (volumes).

In this course, students view 37 online lecture videos and complete lecture quizzes in the course management system Canvas. Students also complete online homework and upload the corresponding written work in Canvas. Students are encouraged to post questions and answers on the course Discussions Board in Canvas throughout the term.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Mathematics
High School Credit: 1.0