MUL 2010 – Introduction to Music Literature

General Education Credit: H,N (WR)
High School Credit: 0.5

— FULL FALL 2018 —

Course Instructor: Phillip Klepacki
Phillip Klepacki
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About The Course

MUL 2010 is designed to introduce the student to selected masterpieces of Western music throughout major style periods, Medieval through 21st Century, and to lead the student to an understanding of the relationship of music to general culture and human development. No prior or concurrent courses are required for enrollment in MUL 2010, nor is any prior musical training or experience.

Course Preparation: As a Gordon Rule course, it is strongly recommended that you have taken ENC 1101 and/or 1102, as your writing will be held to college-level standards.

Course Goals

    1. Identify the basic components of music using discipline-specific terminology.
    2. Describe musical works by accurately employing the vocabulary learned in this course.
    3. Aurally identify musical instruments and voices by classification.
    4. Aurally identify rudimentary melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, and textural structures.
    5. Demonstrate an understanding of musical form and texture.
    6. Express an aesthetic response to a work of art and verbally defend it.
    7. Define an overview of some of the major stylistic periods in Western music and draw analogies to other arts from the same era.
    8. Identify some of the major works and artists from these periods.
    9. Compare and contrast these works to contemporary, popular, and non-Western musical examples.
    10. Recognize and describe the role(s) that music plays in their own lives, regional culture, and contemporary society as a whole.
    11. Offer both subjective, emotional commentary and objective analysis of artistic expressions, and to distinguish between the two.
    12. Articulate some of the forces that have shaped their own taste and aesthetic responses.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Performing/Fine Arts