SPN 1131 – Beginning Spanish II

General Education Credit: Elective
College Credit: 5

About The Course

Pre-Requisite: SPN 1130 or AP equivalent

The primary goal of the Beginning Spanish II courses is to build upon the knowledge students have gained from Beginning Spanish I.

Course Goals

This course is a fully online beginning Spanish course. Students should plan to dedicate 3-4 hours of homework per course credit hour. That is 15-20 hours a week for this course.

The primary goal of the Beginning Spanish courses is to offer students an introduction to basic communicative skills in Spanish while developing an awareness and appreciation of Hispanic/Latino cultures.

This course stresses communication skills in Spanish. Every effort will be made to make this class student-centered. To help students succeed in this course, the class will engage in a variety of activities, and assignments, including but not limited to activities such as the following:

  • Practice and communication using vocabulary and grammar learned in oral and written modes
  • Sociolinguistic practice and functions through communicative activities
  • Reading activities and exercises, such as pre- and post-reading, intensive and extensive reading
  • Writing activities ranging from short paragraphs to developed compositions
  • Integration of skills in projects and tasks
  • Video/audio/computer exercises, presentations, and discussions

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Elective: Foreign Language
High School Credit: 1.0