STA 2023 – Introduction to Statistics

General Education Credit: Mathematics
College Credit: 3

Course Instructor: Megan Mocko
Megan Mocko
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About The Course

STA 2023 is an introductory course that assumes no prior knowledge of statistics but does assume some knowledge of high school algebra. Basic statistical concepts and methods are presented in a manner that emphasizes understanding the principles of data collection and analysis rather than theory. Much of the course will be devoted to discussions of how statistics is commonly used in the real world.

Course Goals

Graphical and numerical descriptive measures. Simple linear regression. Basic probability concepts, random variables, sampling distributions, central limit theorem. Large and small sample confidence intervals and significance tests for parameters associated with a single population and for comparison of two populations. Use of statistical computer software and computer applets to analyze data and explore new concepts.

Content: Students demonstrate competence in the terminology, concepts, methodologies, and theories used within the discipline.

Communication: Students communicate knowledge, ideas, and reasoning clearly and effectively in written or oral forms appropriate to the discipline.

Critical Thinking: Students analyze information carefully and logically from multiple perspectives, using discipline-specific methods and develop reasoned solutions to the problems.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Math