STA 2023 – Introduction to Statistics 1

General Education Credit: Mathematics
College Credit: 3

About The Course

STA2023 is an introductory course that assumes no prior knowledge of statistics but does assume some knowledge of high school algebra. Basic statistical concepts and methods are presented in a manner that emphasizes understanding the principles of data collection and analysis rather than theory. Much of the course will be devoted to discussions of how statistics is commonly used in the real world.

There are two major parts to this course:

  • I Data — which includes graphical and numerical summaries to describe the distribution of a variable, or the relationship between two variables, and data production to learn how to design good surveys and experiments, collect data from samples that are representative of the whole population, and avoid common sources of biases.
  • II Probability and Inference — using the language of probability and the properties of numerical summaries computed from a random sample, we learn to draw conclusions about the population of interest, based on our random sample, and attach a measure of reliability to them.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Mathematics

High School Credit: 0.5