SYG 2010 – Social Problems

General Education Credit: S
High School Credit: 0.5

About The Course

This class is a sociological survey course that operates as an introduction to the social constructionist perspective to social problems focusing on the United States. Particular focus will be paid to why certain perspectives of certain problems receive the attention they do while others fail to register on a national level. Throughout the course, we will confront popular and harmful misunderstandings of the causes and realities of social problems and work to unlearn easy and oppressive analyses of our culture. This class is primarily centered around developing competent sociological analyses of the unique social problems related to race, gender, and sexuality.

Course Goals

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  1. Recognize the difference between personal and social problems.
  2. Analyze the nature and characteristics of a number of social problems from a sociological perspective.
  3. Understand and explain the social constructionist approach to social problems.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Elective