THE 2000 – Theater Appreciation

General Education Credit: H,D
High School Credit: 0.5

Course Instructor: Charles Mitchell
Charles Mitchell, Ph.D.
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About The Course

Lectures will provide instruction in the history, key themes, principles, terminology, and methodologies of theatre. You will also learn to identify and analyze the key elements, biases and influences that shape thought within the discipline. Through the writing of production critiques and the completion of creative projects, this course will emphasize clear and effective analysis and approach issues and problems from multiple perspectives.

This class also fulfills a diversity requirement by providing instruction in the values, attitudes and norms that create cultural differences within the United States.

Course Goals

By studying the theatre of historically marginalized groups, you will recognize how social roles and status affect different groups in the United States. In addition, you will be expected to analyze and evaluate your own cultural norms and values in relation to those of other cultures, and to distinguish opportunities and constraints faced by other persons and groups.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Elective