WIS 2552 – Biodiversity Conservation: Global Perspective

General Education Credit: B,N
High School Credit: 0.5

Course Instructor: Mike Moulton
Michael P. Moulton, Ph.D.
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About The Course

The course is designed for students who wish to gain a global perspective of biodiversity patterns and issues. Students will learn about the origin, structure and measurement of biodiversity; the biology of species of different kingdoms; and patterns in species’ distributions. The relationship between humans and the global biotic environment that supports them. This course explores human patterns of resource use and population biology that determine the status of the earth’s biodiversity resources. Helps students understand how today’s human society affects global life support systems, and how individuals can make lifetime contributions to environmental solutions.

Course Goals

The specific goals of the course are: (1) to familiarize students with basic concepts and scientific principles of conservation (genetics and ecology) and global patterns in biodiversity, both phylogenetic and geographical; (2) help students understand the evolutionary basis for the five kingdom system of WIS 2552 Section 006C 2 2 phylogeny and the biological basis for various wildlife issues involving species from all five kingdoms; (3) develop an understanding of the future of biodiversity and the central role humans must play in this future.

Satisfied High School Graduation Requirement Subject: Elective